Robinson, bekannt geworden als Sänger von Oxbow, ist eben nicht nur Musiker, sondern auch Journalist, Schriftsteller – und begeisterter Fighter. Und stellt jetzt in Europa sein Buch “FIGHT: OR EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ASS KICKING BUT WERE AFRAID YOU’D GET YOUR ASS KICKED FOR ASKING” vor

In Fürth, Hamburg und Berlin wird Robinson ab heute aus seinem Buch lesen – wer vorher mehr über ihn erfahren möchte, sollte seine Webseite besuchen. Oder seinen Artikel “The Vice Guide to getting beaten up” im Vice-Magazine lesen. wo man auch gleich ein Bild von Robinson in Action ansehen kann. Oder die Seite seiner Band Oxbow ansehen.

Oder dieses Kurzinterview mit Eugene Robinson lesen (nicht übersetzt, weil die Lesungen schließlich auch auf Englisch sein werden):
A Short Introduction to EUGENE S. ROBINSON

“ElevatorSpeech”: you have “1” minute to describe quickly: what was the original motivation/trigger for your work? With what expectation do you follow your work? Who are you? Your Expertise? What are the milestones in your professional carreer?

Well, there is writing and there is fighting and one can clearly happen without the other but what makes this book special is that it is written by a writer who also fights and can hold forth on the deeper seated motivations of our animal attractions to violence and violent human activity withOUT apology. So while I have interviewed everyone from Halle Berry to Billy Bob Thornton to Chris Rock, my REAL interests lay in the darker corners of human endeavor where people hold their secrets much more secret.
Why? Because nothing will undo you faster than someone trying to murder you.
Professional career milestones: interviewing Bill Clinton, winning magazine editorial awards, having my band’s producer nominated for a grammy for producing our record, and every single cover story I have
ever written.
And who am I? I’m the guy that’s not going lie to you.

What do you want to transport to the reader of your book, what should stick in a reader’s mind, when he closes the book?

The book is a philosophical monograph on the nature of interpersonal violence. Because it always starts with interpersonal violence. So the book, at least in a very academic sense, attempts to in a way that is neither shamed or apologetic explain our shadow sides.
and when the reader closes the book I’d hope that they’d find that n they are not alone.

Where do you see its current social relevance?

There is one issue of current social relevance and this has everything to do with the struggle between those who have and those who have not…but the medium of exchange here is frequently a sort of violence that BEGINS toe to toe, chest to chest…in bars, and on the streets….
and I don’t think that it is insignificant that many of the world leaders have also been martial artists…from nelson mandela to putin….the spirit that causes the confrontation resolves itself for good or ill it seems for those that can make sense of what they are looking

2009-04-25 Saturday – NL – Tilburg – Roadburn Festival
2009-04-26 Sunday – GB – Brighton – The Prince Albert
2009-04-27 Monday – GB – Cardiff – Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre
2009-04-28 Tuesday – GB – Manchester – The Britons Protection
2009-04-29 Wednesday – GB – Nottingham – Jam Cafe
2009-04-30 Thursday – GB – London – Old Blue Last
2009-05-01 Friday – B – Diksmuide – 4AD
2009-05-02 Saturday – F – Lyon – Sonic
2009-05-03 Sunday – F – Orleans – L‘Atelier
2009-05-04 Monday – F – Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
2009-05-05 Tuesday – D – Fuerth – Kunstkeller
2009-05-06 Wednesday – D – Berlin – Schokoladen
2009-05-07 Thursday – D – Hamburg – Meanie Bar
2009-05-08 Friday – B – Antwerp – Bar Mondial


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  1. J am 05.06.09 13:50

    Sieht das nur so aus wie ein Hakenkreuz auf dem Unterarm? (Gemeint ist das Bild aus dem Link zum Vice Magazine)

  2. Elke Wittich am 05.06.09 14:06

    Gute Frage, deren Antwort lautet: Ich weiß es nicht.
    Und deswegen fragen wir Eugene am besten selbst, seine Antwort gibt es dann hier.

  3. M am 05.11.09 22:41

    Nicht so gut zu sehen ist der rote Teufel des das Hakenkreuz auf den Schultern trägt.

  4. J am 05.13.09 00:19

    Und das soll bedeuten?